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Russia is preparing another humanitarian convoy to be sent to Ukraine, – Lavrov

August 25, 2014

Head of Russian MFA Lavrov about another ‘humanitarian aid’ for Ukraine

Russia is preparing another humanitarian convoy to be sent to Ukraine, - Lavrov

Sergey Lavrov, head of Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has informed that Russian prepares another humanitarian convoy to be sent to Ukraine.

‘Yesterday we sent an official note to Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs informing that we intend to prepare the next convoy with humanitarian loads’.

Lavrov declared that Russia hopes to direct the convoy on the same route and in the same parameters and this should be agreed during the current week.

‘We want to agree upon all conditions of delivery of the second humanitarian convoy on the the route and with the same parameters with participation of Ukrainian border guards and customs officials as soon as possible’.

‘We are sure that this should be done this week’, – Lavrov underlined.


We remind that on Friday, August 22, 221 Russian humanitarian tracks entered Ukrainian territory without official permission of its government and the Red Cross representatives. The latter didn’t accompany the humanitarian convoy because Russian side gave them no safety guarantees. On Saturday all trucks left Ukrainian territory. According to Information Centre of National Security and Defense Council some of these trucks have been loaded with equipment of the Ukrainian arms company “Topaz” (manufacturer of ESM “Kolchuga”) and of Luhansk Cartridge Factory.

According to another sources some vehicles were loaded with corpses of paratroopers from Russian city of Pskov.


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