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Russia has imposed trade duties against Ukraine

 September 19, 2014

Russia imposed trade duties on import of products of light and food industries

Russia has imposed trade duties against Ukraine

Medvedev has signed resolution but it will not be implemented yet.

Medvedev informed this during an International Investment Forum in Sochi.

Decree will come into force if Ukraine starts to implement the provisions of free trade zone with EU ahead of schedule. ‘I want to inform you that this day I’ve signed a decree on implementation of import trade duties on Ukrainian goods. So that regular trade restrictions are introduced’, – said the Prime Minister.

According to Medvedev, these duties will take effect in case Ukraine begins to implement the provisions of the free trade zone with European Union ahead of schedule.

Russian Prime Minister also underlined that Russia would not allow pre-term implementation of some provisions of Association agreement.

‘We cannot allow pre-term application of some agreements that migt threat aour market’.

He mentioned that Russian government would not allow European goods to penetrate into Russian trade market on dumped prices’.


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