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Russia-backed fighters still use artillery and tanks

Russia-backed fighters still use artillery and tanks

Press-center of anti-terrorist operation informs that terrorists keep using artillery and tanks in Donbas.

On April 7 from 06.00 pm to midnight they violated ceasefire regime 23 times. Mostly fighters used small arms.

The most intense shelling took place in area of settlements of Pisky, Opytne, Mayorsk and Avdiivka in Donetsk oblast.

In Luhansk oblast situation was relatively calm, only one shelling of checkpoint was registered.

In coastal area Ukrainian servicemen registered flight of enemy’s drone near Mariupol.


40 cases of shelling and 6 attacks

This information is confirmed with some additions by experts of ‘Information Resistance’ group. Here is report about situation in Donbas on April 7, 2015 provided by their coordinator, MP Dmitriy Tymchuk.

In course the previous day situation in zone of anti-terrorist operation was difficult and demonstrated tendency to further deterioration.

About 40 cases of shelling of settlement and positions of Ukrainian forces were registered on April 7. In addition, the enemy’s forces made 6 attempts to attack positions of Ukrainian forces. In some offensives they used armored military equipment, however, it was used in limited extent, no more than 3-4 units per attack.


Gross violations of ceasefire aren’t lack of discipline

In course of active hostilities Russian-terrorist troops mostly use small arms. Meanwhile, experts register usage of mortars (including the ones with 120 mm caliber, which should have already been withdrawn), armored vehicles and artillery (in particular, howitzers D-30, self-propelled artillery 2C1 ‘Gvozdyka’).

Registration of such violations allows to state that gross violations of ceasefire regime are not single incidents caused by ‘lack of discipline’ of fighters. These violations are conscious and deliberate methods of self-proclaimed Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics.

The tensest situation with the most intense cases of shelling with usage of wide range of weapons was registered in Donetsk and Luhansk regions. Terrorists also used types of weapons which should have already been withdrawn according to Minsk agreements.

In addition, Russian-terrorist troops in Donbas keep restoring combat capability of their forces in Donbas and stockpiling of material and technical resources.

In course of one day there was registered movement of 38 vehicles in supply convoys from Russia. 16 of them were tankers, 5-6 units of special vehicles.

Source:, coordinator of ‘Information Resistance’ group Dmitriy Tymchuk

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