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Russia announces the seventh humanitarian convoy

November 11, 2014

The seventh humanitarian convoy is to come to Ukraine

Russia announces the seventh humanitarian convoy

Russian Emergency Ministry plans to form the next column of the so-called humanitarian aid for Ukrainian Donbas till the end of the week.

Deputy Head of Ministry of Emergencies of Russian Federation Vladimir Stepanov has informed this.

‘We continue collecting humanitarian aid with Federal agencies of executive authorities. As soon as it is collected we will immediately form the column. Most likely, this will happen until the end of the week’, – he said.

This is the seventh humanitarian convoy that Russia sends to Ukraine.

As it is known, Russia uses these convoys to bring militants and weapons to the territories controlled by terrorists. The first convoy took equipment from Ukrainian plants on its way back. According to National Security and Defense Council the next convoys took away dead bodies of soldiers on their way back.

Source: Ukrainska Pravda,

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