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Ruslana: The Worst Is That the World Is Getting Used to Ukraine Being in a Situation of Conflict


Kyiv, April 11th 2014 – Ruslana Lyzhychko during a press briefing in Ukrainian Crisis Media Center said: “The worst is that the world is getting used to Ukraine being in a situation of conflict”.

According to the singer and civil activist, it’s wrong to think that propaganda matters nothing at the international level since everyone understands, what is true and what is a lie: “Not everyone understands that. In the US, I met people who really think there is a problem of anti-Semitism and Nazism in Ukraine, while here representatives of all Jewish communities personally dispelled this myth”.

In the USA Ruslana has met politicians, journalists and civil activists, including Hillary Clinton and Tina Brown, gave interviews at national TV channels like NBC, ABC and others: “Practically everyone understands the problem. In one of my interviews I said directly – either you don’t want or you can’t stop Putin”.

Ruslana also emphasized: “In each of my interview I address Putin in Russian. I will keep talking about Ukraine, that’s also a use of my voice and name, which is well known around the world”.

Commenting on the problem of propaganda, the singer underlined that in the United States there are not just lobby groups but concrete persons, whose activity is aimed at destroying any project connected with Ukraine: “Journalists came up to me and said ‘yes, we were suggested money for writing in favor of Russia, but we refused’. What Ukraine is doing, what is the reaction? Nothing. Our level of mobilization equals zero now”.

That’s why Ruslana called upon all English speaking activists to make statements and speak more about what is really happening in Ukraine. She also invited everyone to join U.S-Ukraine Foundation project “Lights of Freedom”, which aims to prevent a war in Ukraine and preserve its territorial integrity and independence. The web site of the project is:

Ruslana is a Ukrainian public activist, singer, winner of Eurovision Song Contest,  former Member of the Ukrainian Parliament. Ruslana is a UNISEF Goodwill Ambassador in Ukraine. She is Maidan activist and the first Ukrainian to have won the Secretary of State’s International Women of Courage Award. In 2013 she was on the Forbes World’s 100 Most Powerful Women.

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