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Runway in Donetsk airport can be restored

Runway in Donetsk airport can be restored

Head of Committee of National Security and Defense Pashynskiy said that runway of Donetsk airport can be used after restoration. However, he underlined that it hasn’t got military strategic importance now.

Donetsk airport runway is suitable for restoration so that the airport itself is still under close surveillance of Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Head of parliamentary committee on National Security Sergiy Pashynsky said this.

Head of Committee of National Security and Defense Pashynskiy

‘Can planes land there? Does it make harm to us? Most likely, after overhaul this runway can be restored’.

However, he believes that after Russians had seized part of the border this place lost strategic importance.

‘Donetsk airport had strategic importance when we still controlled the border. I remember this logic, we were afraid that Russia military aircraft IL-76 would land there, so that they needed the runway. After the border had been seized Donetsk airport lost military and strategic importance from the point of view of troops transporting’, – Pashynskiy added.

We remind that new video of Donetsk airport spread of the web recently. The video featured completely destroyed buildings. However, the runway itself hasn’t suffered that much.

The video caused some indignation in social networks. In winter Ukrainian authorities said the runway of Donetsk airport cannot be used.

When Ukrainian forces retreated from Debaltseve our Security Council said that the railway junction there was destroyed and resembled moon surface. However, terrorists restored it in less than 2 weeks. We’ll see if this time the Security Council says truth this time.


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