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Rotation of personnel in Donetsk and reinforcement for armed group of LNR leader

December 25, 2014

Training of mercenaries in Crimea and current situation in Eastern Ukraine

Rotation of personnel in Donetsk and reinforcement for armed group of LNR leader

Here is an operative data from experts of ‘Information Resistance’ group about current situation in Eastern Ukraine. The updated map is from National Security and Defense Council.

In Kuybyshevo district of Donetsk there is an active rotation of personnel acting in the areas of settlements of Pesky and Avdiivka. The personnel is transported by tilt trucks and civil vehicles.

Emergence of officers of Russian Armed Forces has been registered between settlements of Krasnohorivka and Pesky. The officers pose themselves as representatives of group to establish the so-called ‘demarcation line’. The mentioned Russian servicemen move freely including in the vicinity of Ukrainian troops. Meanwhile, Experts of IR group have identified officers of Russian military reconnaissance among the mentioned servicemen.

Expert register concentration of Russian-terrorist troops in the area of Trehizbenka. Another tactical group has arrived from the town of Alchevsk. The group has been formed of local fighters and mercenaries that has arrived from Russia. The group consists of about 150 people. It also disposes of 4 tanks and 6 armored combat vehicles. In addition, 2 anti-tank guns MT-12 ‘Rapira’ and 6 tented trucks with ammunition have been delivered to the mentioned area.

During the last day the enemy repeatedly shelled settlements of Horlivka and Majorsk. Mainly cannon artillery was used. Also there was registered firng of multiple rocket launcher systems ‘Grad’ and mortars.

Reconnaissance and sabotage group of Russian-terrorist troops has left the area of Debaltsevo. In course of the raid the group lost 2 saboteurs, 3 more got shrapnel wounds.

The armed group ‘Zarya’ (subordinated to LNR leader Ihor Plotnitskiy) has received reinforcement in Luhansk. Personnel and military equipment have arrived from Russian Federation. In addition, the group has been reinforced with 6 tanks. There has been registered quartering of several sub-units of Russian military transport units in the city. The sub-units dispose of vehicles for transportation of heavy military equipment.

In Crimea continues training of mercenaries for Donbas on the basis of training camps of Russian special services. Experts of IR group have registered commander of one of the camps – former commander of the Interior Troops of Ukraine, Lieutenant-General S.Shulyak. The Prosecutor General of Ukraine included him in the list of persons involved in the mass murder of Ukrainian citizens on Independence Square in February 2014.

Source: coordinator of ‘Information Resistance’ group Dmytro Tymchuk


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