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Right Sector: only some fighters signed contract with UA Armed Forces

Right Sector: only some fighters signed contract with UA Armed Forces

Several fighters of Volunteer Ukrainian Corpus became contract soldiers of Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Head of Information Center of the Right Sector Artem Skoropandskiy informed that several volunteer fighters signed contract with Ukrainian Armed Forces.

According to him, information that the whole corpus became part of UA Armed Forces doesn’t correspond to reality.

‘Several people from Volunteer Ukrainian Corpus the ‘Right Sector’ go to Defense Ministry. This is a normal thing because it has actually happened before. It is that everyone thought that the whole Volunteer Corpus subordinated to Defense Ministry, which doesn’t correspond to reality. We great those guys who shift [to UA Armed Forces] because the more Right Sector representatives are there in official structures the better’, – Skoropadskiy said.

Speaking about the whole Ukrainian Volunteer Corpus, he mentioned that there are negotiations with official government and the preliminary decision on adoption of special law in the Verkhovna Rada ‘On special status of Volunteer Ukrainian Corpus’ has been reached.

Skoropadskiy explained that there is an idea to create autonomous formation ad exemplum ‘Estonian Defense Union’. Such thing has never happened in Ukrainian history before. They want to create an autonomous structure with its commandment, its rules, its discipline, awards etc. which would be part of Defense Ministry.

The Right Sector is ready for such compromise which would be an ideal variant.

Skoropandskiy added that the law adopted by the Parliament should describe the conditions of functioning of such structure.


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