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The Right Sector goes to parliament elections

September 8, 2014

The ‘Right Sector’ will participate in parliament elections this autumn 

The ‘Right sector’ goes to parliament elections

Press secretary of the party Boryslav Bereza informed this. Parliamentary elections are planned for October 26.

According to Bereza the “right sector’ will participate in elections on its own, without uniting with ‘Svoboda’ political party. On September 13 during the meeting list of candidates is to be adopted.

Right Sector is a political party and public nationalistic organization. It appeared as public movement that united activists of Ukrainian radical organizations. The organization was formed in the end of November 2013 during the beginning of EuroMaidan.

The leader of the organization is Dmytro Yarosh. Since the beginning of anti-terrorist operation in eastern Ukraine volunteer battalions of the Right Sector take part in military operations with Ukrainian armed forces and volunteer battalions of territorial defense.

leader of the organization if Dmytro Yarosh


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