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Results of the year 2014 from the point of view of political analyst Eugene Magda

January 5, 2015

Results of the year 2014 by Prime Minister and President of Ukraine

Results of the year 2014 from the point of view of political analyst Eugene Magda

Prime Minister Arseniy Yatseniuk and President Petro Poroshenko summed up the year 2014 with difference of one day. Their speeches are marked with moderate, not overflowed optimism.

The parliamentary coalition will have to solve many problems. There are continuing international maneuvers around search of solutions for Donbas.

Prime Minister and President sum up the last year

According to political analyst Eugene Magda, in the current situation the parliamentary-presidential model forces the heads of state and government if not to be allies, then not to oppose each other in public.

Subsequently, Prime Minister Yatseniuk and President Poroshenko acted in doublet and their assessments of the most important political events of the year coincided. Both the president the prime minister underlined the desirability of adopting budget-2015. meanwhile both held in mind future negotiations with IMF and inevitable adjustments to the main financial document of the country.

Both Yatseniuk and Poroshenko pointed out difficult situation in Donbas. It is not a coincidence that secretary of national Security and Defense Council Oleksander Tyrchunov visited the zone of anti-terrorist operation on January 3, 2015.

In addition, the head of state Petro Poroshenko emphasized absence of an easy algorithm to return Crimea.

Mr. Magda sums up saying that the political forces lead by President and Prime Minister will experience variety of ‘complexity of translation’ situation. However, the historical circumstances will force them to continue holding to each other.

The parliamentary coalition is to solve numerous issues

The parliamentary coalition intends to discuss problems of interaction right on Christmas holidays [January 6-7]. Of course, this will happen if they succeed in luring all the deputies from ski and oversea resorts. Yuriy Lytsenko, known for his abilities to appear in team which currently seems the most appropriate and perspective, will find it hard to be a moderator of the coalition consisting of 2 big and 3 wayward fractions.

In general, Mr. Magda compares the coalition to club of interests which is difficult to cement ideologically.

Situation around the occupied territories of Donbas

Situation around the occupied territories

Meanwhile Russian Special Forces consistently get rid of field commanders of separatists.

The year 2015 began with worsening of situation in terrorist ‘Luhansk People’s Republic’ due to fight for power.

On January 1, Alexander Bednov (nickname Batman) was demonstratively killed. Batman was commander of the rapid response team which bore the same name. Armed cortege of Bednov-Batman was fired at near the city of Luhansk in Eastern Ukraine.

 Alexander Bednov (nickname Batman) was demonstratively killed

The murder of this separatist caused indignant reaction of Igor Hyrkin-Strelkov, formed commander in terrorist Donetsk People’s Republic. Currently Hyrkin sees himself as military field guru of Novorossiya [New Russia] and lives in Moscow.

Meanwhile, European Union continues insisting on negotiation in Normandy format. Mr. Magda supposes that achievement of peace in Ukrainian Donbas is planned as EU success in foreign policy. Difficult economic situation in Ukraine and crucial fall of Russian due to oil prices should contribute to this.

However, Mr. Magda underlines that increased European obligation might break at harsh reality of the situation in Donbas and this should be taken into consideration.


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