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Results of shelling in Lugansk: 8 died, 52 hospitalized

July 15, 2014

The anticrisis centre was reported about 8 deaths (including one child).

Results of shelling in Lugansk: 8 died, 52 hospitalized


During the last 24 hours 8 people were killed and 52 more were hospitalized as a result of shelling in Lugansk. As UNIAN was informed in the press service of the city council the nu,ber of killed people includes one child.

In general ambulance was called 209 times, 52 calls on injures among civilians (including 4 children).

A number of dwelling houses were hit by shelling, the damage of 24 objects have been recorded.

As a result of shelling life support systems were damaged and shut down by emergency. 134 fires were revealed and eliminated. As UNIAN was informed Head of Lugansk city council Sergiy Kravchenko declared 3 days mourning for the civilians who had died because of fighting.


We express our deepest regret to the families that have suffered because of shelling.

Source: UNIAN.UA


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