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Representatives of French, German and Polish Parliaments: Our Countries Would Be Ready to Implement 3rd Stage of Sanctions Against Russia


Kyiv, 12 April 2014 – At the press briefing at the Ukrainian Crisis Media Center Elisabeth Guigou, Chairwoman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, French National Assembly expressed the support to the Ukrainian people and stressed that in order to become economically and politically successful Ukraine should implement political and economic reforms after the presidential elections.

“We want Ukraine to become a success. And we are ready and determined to give the required support to Ukraine. The European Union is ready to help in building and re-building the Ukrainian democracy, economy and welfare state. For this, we need to see that Ukraine definitely wants to build democratic institutions. In the end it is Ukrainian people who would have to ensure the democratic and political success”, added Norbert Röttgen, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, German Bundestag.

Grzegorz Schetyna, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Polish Sejm, also stated that Ukraine has chosen the European way and Polish people fully support Ukrainians. Also, Mr. Schetyna said: “We believe in opening the next chapter of economic cooperation between Ukraine and the EU, and between Ukraine and Poland, but Ukraine should fight with corruption and solve this issue in the nearest future”.

European politicians also expressed their solidarity with Ukraine in Crimea crisis. “Here we are witnessing the violation of international law with annexation of Crimea and military intimidating propaganda that are threatening Ukrainian independence and integrity”, stated Mr. Röttgen. With regard to this he explained that European sanctions hurt Russian economy and finance system, but their initial role was to express support to Ukraine. He also assured that European business community goes along the lines with financial sanctions: “What would be the world in the 21st century, when you cannot rely on the rule of law. To defend the post-war peace order is fundament of our economic interests. So, we are acting for the European values by investing and imposing sanctions in order not only to defend our values but also ensure our long-lasting economic interests. And we would be ready to enter the 3rd stage of sanctions against Russia”.

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