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Regrouping of Russian-terrorist forces near Debaltsevo

February 4, 2015

The enemy regroups its forces near Debaltsevo

Regrouping of Russian-terrorist forces near Debaltsevo

Here is operative data about situation in conflict zone in Eastern Ukraine from experts of ‘Information Resistance’ group.

In the area of town of Debaltsevo Russia-terrorist troops regroup their forces and means trying to achieve a ‘drastic change’ in further offensive activity after they have failed massive attack previously.

In course of the last days the commandment concentrated combat-ready units at new directions trying to restore combat capability of group which had suffered losses.

In particular, the enemy has additionally transferred 18 tanks, 23 armored combat vehicles and about 55 units of covered trucks to the area of Debaltsevo bridgehead.


The joint tank unit consisting of 16 tanks which had been previously relocated to Debaltsevo was almost destroyed in course of 3 days battle.

Terrorists have established center of maintenance and repair of military equipment in the town of Horlivka. The military equipment damaged in course of battles for Debaltsevo is being repaired there. In addition, fuel and ammunition are actively supplied there.

Terrorist also increase their strike tactical groups near the city of Donetsk. In course of the last day the reconnaissance registered arrival of 20 covered trucks with fighters and 11 units of armored military vehicles including one tank.

The total number of fighters of Russian-terrorist group concentrated in this are reaches 3 000 people. In addition, the group concentrated near Donetsk city disposes of 25 tanks, 85 armored combat vehicles and three groups of artillery support.


Source: Facebook, coordinator of ‘Information Resistance’ group, head of center of military and political studies, MP Dmitriy Tymchuk

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