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Are You Ready For the World Vyshyvanka Day?

World Vyshyvanka Day

This year the Vyshyvanka Day will be celebrated on the 18 of May. So, put on your vyshyvanka and take part in the colorful flash mob!

Vyshyvanka Day is an amazing international festival, intended to preserve Ukrainian embroidery traditions and support modern creative ethnic clothes. Every year it is celebrated on the third Thursday of May. On this day, anyone can join the celebration, wearing a vyshyvanka shirt to work, university, school or kindergarten.

Last year Instagram and Facebook teemed with amazingly bright and stylish photos of people from all over the world wearing a vyshyvanka. The trend caught the attention of the Vogue magazine (, which praised “the embroidered, centuries-old frock (as well as a shirt)”, which “made waves far past the Eastern European country” and was meant to be an inspiration for the ”bohemian garb across the ocean”.

For Ukrainians a vyshyvanka is not just a type of clothes or a fashion item. It is rather an art form, a portrait of our country, a tangible representation of our soul, history, hopes and prayers. Moreover, it is often called the genetic code of our nation.

For the individuals who wear it is also a love confession – a declaration of love for everyone and everything Ukraine means for them: family and friends, unbelievably beautiful nature, youth and carelessness, age and experience, first kiss, last farewell – everything we treasure and keep safe in our memory. Every vyshyvanka is unique because it tells the story of the person wearing it. Can being unique ever go out of fashion?

This year we are all invited to join the online flash mob by recording and sharing vyshyvanka videos with the hashtag #vyshyvankaunites or #вишиванкаєднає.

Here is the official promo-video, starring people from all over the world wearing vyshyvankas.

[facebook id=”410297952671309″ proportion=”16×9″]

So, are you ready for the World Vyshyvanka Day? Join in!

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