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We are ready for imposition of martial law in country. – Poroshenko

February 11, 2015

Ukraine and EU will demand unconditional ceasefire in Minsk

We are ready for imposition of martial law in country. - Poroshenko

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko declared this during governmental meeting on February 11, 2015.

President declared readiness of government to impose martial law in country in case of further escalation of conflict.

‘I can emphasize that I, and government, and Verkhovna Rada are ready to adopt decision on imposition of martial law throughout the country. And in no case will I hesitate with this decision if irresponsible actions of the aggressor lead to further escalation of the conflict’, – the president said.


Ukraine EU will demand ceasefire

The president stated that Ukraine and European Union would act with common demand of unconditional ceasefire.

He ensured that on summit of ‘Norman Four’ they would insist on unconditional ceasefire in the east.

‘I can assure you that Ukraine and European Union will act with one voice at the Minsk summit. We will speak with one voice and the key position – we emphasize and insist on need for unconditional ceasefire without any prior demands’, – the head of state said.

According to the president, today might be the most important day in the history of Ukraine.


Diplomacy at stake

According to Mr. Poroshenko, the success of stopping the aggressor depends on results of summit in Minsk.

It will depend on the results of today’s summit in Minsk whether they would manage to stop the aggressor using diplomatic ways.

The president underlined that this meeting in Minsk might be the most important in his job as the head of state. It depends on the results of the summit whether we will succeed to stop the aggressor in diplomatic way or we will shift to another regime.


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