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Reaction on resonance law on special status

September 18, 2014

Moscow’s reaction of the law on ‘special status’ of Donbas regions

Reaction on resonance law on ‘special status’

Summary of the most important events for September 17, 2014 by Dmytro Tymchuk.

Negative processes are spinning around resonance law of Petro Poroshenko concerning special status of regions of Donbas.

According to the data of ‘Information resistance’ group, the law has caused a storm of emotions among local fighters of DNR and LNR [Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics] – they have considered these laws a ‘victory’ over Ukrainian ‘Hunta’. However, terrorists are not that important – neither in Kyiv nor in the Kremlin, nobody cares for their point of view. It was important to see the reaction of the Kremlin – not in official statements of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of RF, but in secret orders of Shoygu [Minister of Defense] to Russian troops in Donbas. Meanwhile due to events of the last days Russian troops neither were ordered to assault, nor to adhere to the truce (on Wednesday special forces of Russian Federation made an assault at Donetsk airport).

It means that Moscow considers the law on ‘special status’ not an achievement of strategic aim, but simply an intermediate success in their aggression. In its turn that means that, we do not get a possibility for a long break for further attempts to resolve the conflict in peaceful way and preparation for radical solution by force.

However, there is a chance that Russian troops will soon get order to calm down, but the possibility of this is very low.

In any way, we need to do make good defense and localize the place of this disease.

Source: head of Centre of Military and Political Studies and coordinator of Informatio Resistance group Dmytro Tymchuk

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