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‘Putler’ buried in Lutsk

In the center of Lutsk community activists held a flashmob funeral of the ‘aggressor-occupier Putler’


June 18, 2014

In the center of Lutsk community activists held a flashmob funeral of the 'aggressor-occupier Putler'

According to an UNIAN correspondent, in course of the campain about ten people brought to the local Euromaidan scene that is in the central Theater Square, scarecrow of ‘Putlyer’, funeral wreaths and lamps. The event was accompanied by funeral march played on the piano that is constantly placed on the stage of Lutsk Euromaidan. By stuffed head was attached image similar to the face of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Scarecrow dressed in a jacket, pants, gloves and hat. From the pocket of his jacket could see a bottle of vodka and the book “Life After Death.” At the funeral wreath was the inscription “Do not love, forget”, “Never forget, 49” (49 militants killed in the aircraft IL-76 that was shot down over Lugansk on the night of June 14 – UNIAN).

After performing the National Anthem of Ukraine, activists shouted “Glory to the nation! Death to the enemy!” 3 times.

Scarecrow was left on Euromaidan.

Participants explained that the event was organized in support of the pickets, held at the Russian Embassy.

As UNIAN reported earlier, 14 June, about 1.10 during the approach to the airport of Lugansk military transport plane armed forces of Ukraine IL-76 was shot down by Russian air defense. On board there were 9 crew members and 40 soldiers. They all died. Prosecutors opened criminal proceedings on the article of the Criminal Code “terrorist attack”.

On the same day at the Embassy of Russia in Kiev a protest against the aggressive policy of the Kremlin and Russian support for terrorists which resulted in the death of Ukrainian citizens and soldiers was held. The protesters threw at the embassy with eggs, brilliant green, smashed windows and destroyed cars at the Embassy. MIA has opened criminal proceedings under article ‘hooliganism’.


Source: UNIAN.UA


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