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Putin’s former Advisor: He has set an aim to overthrow Poroshenko till the end of 2015

October 23, 2014

According to Putin’s formed Advisor, Russian president wants to destruct the work of parliament and overthrow Poroshenko

Putin’s former Advisor: He has set an aim to overthrow Poroshenko till the end of 2015

Former Advisor of Vladimir Putin Andriy Ilarionov said this in his interview to ‘Voice of America’.

According to him there is a number of pro-Kremlin people among candidates to Verkhovna Rada, in particular among electoral lists of democratic forces.

Ilarionov says that Putin has set an aim to create maximally big group of deputies that would bloc the work of the Parliament. Moreover Ilarionov exactly states the terms in which Putin’s subjects must overthrow President Poroshenko from his post – the end of the following year.

‘Kremlin is now acting smarter more creative, and, of course, uses more resources reserves. Instead of green man there are other green arguments. An obviously in bigger number’, – Ilarionov said.

According to him, in any scenario the Kremlin won’t abandon attempts to destabilize Ukraine. He believes that 8 months of Putin’s aggression have demonstrated that EU and US are not able to resist ambitions of the Kremlin.

‘The next two years, especially winter and till the end of the next year, as it seems to me, will be the most difficult. Because in this time there will be mobilized all possible and impossible resources to end this program – the program of destruction of independent, sovereign Ukraine’m – Ilarionov prognoses.

Former Putin’s Advisor says that Putin considers the next two years most favorable for implementation of his plans – until in January 2017 USA have new President. Putin believes Obama will not be able to prevent aggressive ambitions of Moscow.


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