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Putin’s advisors worried about health of Nadia Savchenko

February 28, 2015

Advisors of Vladimir Putin want to change Savchenko’s preventive measure due to her fragile health

Putin’s advisors worried about health of Nadia Savchenko

Member of the Council at the President of Russian Federation Elena Masiuk appealed to change the preventive measure for Nadia Savchenko. After visiting Ukrainian pilot and MP Nadia Savchenko ‘Sailor’s silence’ prison hospital Masiuk informed that in course of the last several days health of Savchenko had deteriorated. She might die soon.

On 76-th day of hunger strike Nadia Savchenko got serious problems with her organs.

Elena Masiuk claimed that the council cannot free Savchenko, however, they can change preventive measure. She suggested placing Savchenko under home arrest in Ukrainian embassy in Moscow or in a rented apartment in Moscow. Ms. Masiuk believes that this might save Savchenko’s life.

Russian human rights activist appealed to the fact that in course of 9 months Russian investigators couldn’t present any evidence of her involvement in death of Russian journalists.

Ms. Masiuk underlined that if Savchenko dies, she will become national hero in Ukraine. Volunteer battalion, military plane, square in Kyiv will be named after Savchenko and Russian will get new sanction list.

Anticipating possible objections from colleagues who see Savchenko guilty, Masiuk underlined that this woman might die in several days.


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