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Putin uses humanitarian convoy to apply constant and exhausting pressure on Ukraine

August 15,

‘Russia urgently needs to rewrite history – for her, Hitler cannot be a negative individual’, – Tymchuk

Putin uses humanitarian convoy to apply constant and exhausting pressure on Ukraine

Summary of the most important events for August 14, 2014 by Dmytro Tymchuk

1. The provocation with Russia’s “humanitarian convoy” continues. Having reached the border with Ukraine across from the border area controlled by terrorists the convoy that is accompanied by the Russian military and army aviation stopped to await further schizophrenic instructions by the Kremlin.

This immediately raised the question: if the “accompanying” Russian army units aren’t even going to shove into Donbas, then from whom was it necessary to protect the convoy on the territory of the Russian Federation [RF]?

Kyiv has officially stated that during any attempt to enter Ukraine the convoy will be blocked by any means possible. Whether this warning will stop the Russians or not – it is unknown. But it is clear that at the moment Putin is using his convoy for exactly the same purpose as the armadas used their troops at our borders which are stuck here from the end of February. Namely, to apply constant and exhausting pressure on Ukraine.

Nowadays, it isn’t politically correct to name an opponent a representative of a sexual minority. But if I can somehow, in this situation, characterize Putin, Lavrov, Shoigu and the rest of the Kremlin’s pack, I only have definitions in this kind of obscene language format, i.e. cusswords.

2. While in occupied Crimea Putin announced that even though he used the army to seize Crimea, this was not an annexation. He said it straight, “there was no annexation of Crimea, there is no annexation.” Like, the local Russians very much wanted to join the RF he merely “helped” them with the bayonets of his military.

He already talked about this before. But I catch myself thinking that while listening to Putin I get this impression that he is like a parrot stupidly repeating Hitler’s words about the annexation of the Sudetenland – before the occupation of the whole of Czechoslovakia and then most of Europe. Obviously, Russia urgently needs to rewrite history – for her, Hitler cannot be a negative individual, since Russia’s current Fuhrer repeats the rhetoric and actions of the untimely deceased Adolf Aloisovich to a tee [Ed. Note: play on a patronymic ending for Alois, Hitler’s father].

By the way, Hitler, just as Putin now, was also irresistibly drawn to inspect the conquered lands. They even built an encampment headquarters for him near Vinnytsia – you can go and look at its ruins. It is also well known what happened to the Fuhrer himself. I don’t think a different fate awaits the current one.

3. The same maniac Putin has began to frighten the world today. He announced that he would give the Russian army such weapons, which no one else has – adding that it related to the “field of strategic offensive weapons and nuclear deterrents”.

To scare the whole planet at the same time – does not come from a great mind. In history, as we know, there were such personalities, but they didn’t end up very well (see para. 2).

But it’s a good message to the international community to join their forces against a common threat. As they say, with the world on a thread – it’s a straitjacket for Putin.

Source: Head of Centre of military and political studies and coordinator of Information resistance group Dmytro Tymchuk

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