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Putin calls to begin negotiations on statehood of southeast of Ukraine

September 1, 2014

Russian president believes in need of immediate meaningful negotiations

Putin calls to begin negotiations on statehood of southeast of Ukraine

Russian president Vladimir Putin believes that Ukrainian government has to begin negotiations concerning statehood of southeast of Ukraine.

‘We need to immediately begin substantive, meaningful negotiations not on technical issues but on political organization of society and state of southeast of Ukraine in order to ensure the legitimate interests of people who live there’, – he said this yesterday in an interview on one of leading Russian TV channels.

He underlined that it is necessary to ‘stop hostilities and begin restore infrastructure’ in southeast of Ukraine.

Putin also mentioned the following: ‘If someone expects that in the situation when towns and villages of southeast of Ukraine are shelled by direct fire the ‘militians’ would not react waiting for promised negotiations they are captured in illusions’.

In the same interview Putin declared about existing agreement with Petro Poroshenko concerning peaceful exit from the crisis in Ukraine. According to Putin events tasking place in Donbas are a result of dramatic development of internal political situation in Ukraine.

Editor: according to Ukrainian people and all the civilized world the only one who is captured by illusion is Vladimir Putin himself. The only thing that is necessary to restore peace in Ukraine is ti take away Russian troops out of our territory.


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