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Putin blackmails EU demanding to change the text of Association Agreement

 September 26, 2014

Putin demands to change Association Agreement between Ukraine and EU

Putin demands to change Association Agreement between Ukraine and EU

Russian President Vladimir Putin demands that 15 month delay in the implementation of the trade part of the Association Agreement between EU and Ukraine should be used to change its text.

According to Financial Times and a number media quoting it, President of Russia Federation wrote this in his letter to European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso.

‘We continue to believe that only systematic adjustments of the Association Agreement, which take into account full range of risks for Russian-Ukrainian economic relations and for the whole Russian economy which emerge from implementation of the document, might preserve existing trade and economic relations between Russian Federation and Ukraine’, – the letter says.

He also waned that any attempt of changing Ukrainian laws to adapt them to EU rules would be considered the violation of agreements and would demand response measures from Russia.

Meanwhile European official state the inability of any changes.

‘Russians, of course, see that as a period of clarification, as possibility to introduce the third party and empty the deal’, – the European Commissioner for Trade Karel De Gucht said.

Previously media reported that Putin had written letter to Poroshenko and warned him against implementation of Association Agreement with EU.


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