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Prohibited weapon used in Donbas again

Prohibited weapon used in Donbas again

On April 30 from 06.00 pm to midnight fighters of self-proclaimed republics violated ceasefire regime 21 times.

Press center of anti-terrorist operation informs this.

In particular, Russia-backed fighters kept using mortars of 120 mm caliber and artillery of 122 mm caliber. We remind that usage of these weapons is prohibited by Minsk agreements signed in early February. Terrorist also used large-caliber machine guns, 82 mm mortars, automatic grenade launchers, sniper rifles and small arms.

For more information concerning locations of shelling see map above.

Terrorists paid special attention to village of Peski near Donetsk. Positions of Ukrainian Armed Force in this settlement were shelled 5 times.

explosion in Donetsk on april 30

Recently media informed about explosion in Donetsk. It took place at the base of terrorist fighters near waste bank of ‘Eastern’ mine.

According to Donetsk residents, heavy artillery of terrorist fighters is located near the mine. After explosion a black could of smoke in form of a mushroom rose in the skies.

Previous serious explosion in Donetsk took place on March 18.

Source:, press center of anti-terrorist operation

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