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Professional Russian soldiers fight on the side of terrorists in Ilovaisk. – NSDC

August 22, 2014

Mobile groups of the ATO forces detect and destroy positions of terrorists in Luhansk

Professional Russian soldiers fight on the side of terrorists in Ilivaisk. - NSDC

This was reported by spokesman of Information centre of National Security and Defense Council Colonel Andriy Lysenko during the second daily press briefing in Kyiv.

The ATO forces continue battles to liberate Luhansk and Donetsk oblast towns from terrorists.

Mobile groups of the ATO forces act in the city of Luhansk. They detect and destroy the positions of fighters. There are continuing battles to maintain control over Savur-Mohyla hill at settlements of Hryshchuvate and Novosvitlivka.

There are battles to take control of Ilovaisk. According to operative data and information from commander of ‘Donbas’ battalion Semen Semenchenko professional Russian soldiers take part in battles on the side of terrorists. Besides, there are several wounded militants of Russian Armed forces in Luhansk oblast hospital.

2 columns of heavy military equipment went in direction of Luhansk from different directions. According to preliminary data terrorists groups in both columns consist of Russian citizens – Russians and Chechens.

Active offensive operation in the ATO zone continue. - NSDC

Source: NSDC

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