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The procedure of mobilization for military service has been simplified

September 3, 2014

Lithuania has sent humanitarian aid for Ukrainian army

The procedure of mobilization for military service has been simplified

Almost 5.000 people appealed to around the clock hotline of Ministry of Defense wishing to join the Armed Forces of Ukraine. According to Ukrainian Defense Ministry more than 200 people have already been called up for military service.

According to Advisor of Defense Minister Alexander Danyliuk at least 2.000 Russian militants have already died in Ukraine. Ukrainian authors if Wikipedia have created an artickle ‘Citizens of Russian Federation that have died as result of Russian invasion into Ukraine (2014)’.

It was previously reported that local authorities in Luhansk oblast had received an order to allocate and for burial of Russian militants.

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has signed the law on Amendments to the Law of Ukraine of Military Duty and Military Service and On Prevention and Counteraction of Corruption.

According to the law there has been simplified procedure of conscription of citizens is for military service in case of crisis situation that threatens national safety of Ukraine, announcement of mobilization and introduction of martial law. The time required for mobilization is thus being reduced.

Slovakia has began reverse gas supplies to Ukraine

On September 2 Slovak gas operator – Eustream company has shifted from test supplies of gas to Ukraine to regular ones.

Humanitarian aid for the ATO forces arrived from Lithuania.

On September 2 first part of humanitarian aid from Lithuania was delivered to Ukraine.

Military attaché of the Embassy of Lithuania in Ukraine Mindaugas Kviklis said the following: ‘This is humanitarian aid from Lithuania, from Defense Ministry to Ukrainian army: dry rations and medicine. You know the position of Lithuania – we support Ukraine a lot’.


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