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‘Prime Minister of DNR’ Zakharchenko resigns to ‘avoid betrayal’

October 8, 2014

The so-called Prime Minister of DNR Alexander Zakharchenko resigns. He was allegedly pushed to this by Minsk negotiations

‘Prime Minister of DNR’ Zakharchenko resigns to ‘avoid betrayal’

According to the terrorists sooner or later he would be forced to sign agreement on conditions that would be disadvantageous for DNR [Donetsk People’s Republic]. Zakharcheko believes that in this way he would betray those who believe him. According to him, resignation is a way to avoid betrayal.

We were expected to sign that line and after that we would have to give back [territories] we had. I refused to sign it. It would be a betrayal of people who live there. Of those who were fighting with me. I have just written letter of resignation’. Zakharchenko addressed journalists who was talking with him: ‘You are standing next to man who might no longer be the Prime Minister of DNR in 2,5 hours. You are the only one journalist who knows about that.  I cannot betray my people. I did not sleep all night. We were deciding what to do next, and we decided not to retreat. However, if I do not resign from this post now I’ll become a traitor. Because I would be forced to sign this line’.


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