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Pretended withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine – models instead of armored vehicles

October 22, 2014

Regular Russian army reappears in Donetsk

Pretended withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine – models instead of armored vehicles

Operative data from experts of ‘Information resistance’ group.

During the last day Russian-terrorists troops have reduced their activity. About 30 facts of shelling of positions of anti-terrorist operation forces have been registered.

The main terrorist activity has been registered in direction to Debaltsevo and Donetsk. In addition, there have been 2 armed clashes at Donetsk airport.


‘Oplot’ and ‘Vostok’ replenish military equipment with Russian resources

After active hostilities in the area of Donetsk airport terrorist battalions ‘Oplot’ and ‘Vostok’ [Bulwark and East] have suffered substantial losses. They have temporarily suspended participation in active hostilities. Currently there armed groups undergo resupplying and replenishing of military equipment with resources that arrive from Russia.

Units of regular Russian army appear in Donetsk again

Experts register appearance of units of regular Russian army in Donetsk (previously Russian units were withdrawn from the city). In particular, unit of Special Forces of Russian Armed Forces from Omsk and Parachute Regiment from Kostroma have arrived. Besides, Russian militants carry out their duty at one of checkpoints near the city.

Pretended withdrawal – models of armored vehicles to mislead international community

During the last days experts registered moving of automotive tractor units crossing Ukrainian-Russian border through the checkpoint of ‘Uspenka’. The vehicles had models of armored military equipment installed on them.

Experts do not exclude that Russian-terrorist troops carry out an operation to mislead Kyiv and international community and pretend withdrawal of Russian troops from territory of Donbas.

Source: ‘Information Resistance’ group


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