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Press service of anti-terrorist operation: day of silence in Donbas has started

December 9, 2014

Day of silence in Donbas has started

Press service of anti-terrorist operation: day of silence has started

According to agreements, today, on Tuesday, December 9, the day of silence should start in zone of anti-terrorist operation.

Head of press service of anti-terrorist operation Oleksiy Dmytrashkivskiy informed this.

Previously President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko had meeting with heads of security agencies concerning situation in Donbas. They agreed that on December 9 there should start the day of silence.

Participants of the meeting discussed the implementation of tasks in the area of anti-terrorist operation and identified measures that should ensure compliance to Minsk agreements about Day of silence on December 9.

In addition they determined further measures in case of non-performance of Minsk agreements by fighters.


According to the last report of ATO press service, ceasefire regime has been imposed at all positions.

During the last day ATO headquarters has not registered signs of ceasefire from the side of terrorist fighters. According to them, 25 settlements were shelled.


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