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Presidential Administration has introduced President’s ‘Reform Strategy – 2020’

September 29, 2014

‘Reform Strategy – 2020’ of President Poroshenko was presented to public

Presidential Administration has introduced President’s ‘Reform Strategy - 2020’

Deputy of Head of Presidential Administration of Ukraine, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the National Council reform Dmytro Shymkiv presented the public with “reform strategy 2020” of President of Ukraine.

According to the press service of Presidential Administration, presentation and discussion took place in the National University ‘Kyiv-Mohyla Academy’. Representatives of public organizations, political parties, public activists, experts and scientists, representatives of business-associations and media were present at the discussion.

‘The key to implement these reforms are values that have united us in our intention to live according to European standards and have been certified to the world during the Revolution  of Dignity’, – Shymkiv said.  According to him, the achievement of European life standards and decent place of Ukraine in the works have been specified as the aim of reforms.

‘Reforms Strategy-2020’ includes more than 60 reforms. The primary of them are update of the government and anti-corruption reform, reform of law, decentralization and reform of public administration, deregulation and development of business, reforms of the law enforcement system, of national security and defense system, health care and tax reform. Two priority governmental programs are identified – energy independence and popularization of Ukraine in the world.

The key indexes that are planned to achieve until 2020 are the following: increasing of GDP from 8508 $ to 16 000 $ per capita, go up from 112 to the first ‘twenty’ of the ranking of countries of ease of doing business, attract $ 40 billion of foreign direct investment, to bring military costs from the current 1.02% to 5% of GDP, increase life expectancy by three years.

Shymkiv mentioned that only ‘ruling of the things that can be calculated’ might be considered effective. He added that ‘Reform Strategy-2020’ presupposes the mechanism of constant monitoring of effectiveness.


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