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President Poroshenko: Russian ‘humanitarian convoy’ is an intervention into Ukrainian territory

September 23, 2014

President Poroshenko intends to increase government spending on the army. Poroshenko called Russian humanitarian convoy an intervention.

President Poroshenko: Russian ‘humanitarian convoy’ is an invasion into Ukrainian territory

President has informed this during press conference today.

When speaking about Russian so-called humanitarian aid president mentioned that if we speak about humanitarian convoy it should include representatives of International Committee of the Red Cross that would control the process of delivery and distribution of goods across Donetsk and Luhansk oblast. President said that unfortunately, Russia had violated international norms and rejected cooperation not only with Ukrainian government, but also with the Red Cross. ‘Why?’, – he asked. – ‘Because, as we can see, those white trucks brought equipment… and it was brought through that segment of the border that is not controlled by Ukrainian army…’. President underlined: ‘We consider them [trucks] as intervention into Ukrainian territory’.

President Petro Poroshenko expects the increasing of governmental spending on the army from 1% GDR to 5% GDR. The reform plan ‘Strategy-2020’ that was presented by the head of state, includes this.

According to the plan, the number of professional militants will also be increased to 7 per every 1000 of civilians – against current 3 per every 1000.

Head of state also reported that the next week would be crucial for the fate of the peace process in our county. He claimed to be quite optimistic considering this process.

President informed about special monitoring mission of OSCE that would consist of 500 people. According to the head of state, the first drones that would be used to control of the ceasefire regime would arrive to Ukraine on Friday, September 26. These drones are not simply to control the absence of firing. They will help to ensure the fulfilling of another demand of Minsk agreement of September 5 and 20: withdrawal of heavy artillery, multiple rocket launcher systems and other weapons beyond their range.


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