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President Poroshenko promises to draw significant conclusion from events of the last week

September 1, 2014

Ukrainian force destroy military equipment and 80 terrorists

President Poroshenko promises to draw significant conclusion from events of the last week

During the last day the ATO forces had 37 armed clashes with Russian mercenaries and terrorists.

The situation in Ilovaisk remains extremely difficult. The operation on liberation of militants from encirclement is in process. The details of the operation will be disclosed when it is finished.

Today President Poroshenko has declared that the event of the last week in the ATO zone are being analyzed. The head of state emphasized: ‘There will be significant conclusions, in particular in the staff’. President mentioned that there had began an unveiled aggression of neighboring country against Ukraine and this radically changes the situation in the ATO zone. It also sets new and more complicated tasks to security forces.

During the last day the ATO forces destroyed ‘Grad’ system. Armoured personnel carrier, combat reconnaissance vehicle, Kamaz vehicle and about 80 fighters.

Ukrainian armed forces provide defense of the town of Mariupol. Sub-units of territorial defense battalion have established checkpoint in directions of possible movement of the enemy to prevent Russian troops from approaching Mariupol.

As it was reported previously in Luhansk oblast Ukrainian armed forces got the order to retreat from the village of Heorhiivka and Luhansk airport. Given the precision of strikes they were shelled by professional artillerymen of armed forces of Russian Federation.

Large concentration of Russian troops has been registered near Lutuhino and Shchastya towns.


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