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President Poroshenko on possibilities of declaration of martial law

December 29, 2014

Martial law will be introduced when hostilities begin

President Poroshenko on possibilities of declaration of martial law

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko informed this during his press conference. He underlined that martial law would be introduced as soon as hostilities begin again.

Poroshenko ensured that there is no military solution of the conflict in Eastern Ukraine, it is purely political.

Meanwhile, he emphasized that martial law would be immediately introduced by his decree as soon as offensive operation from the contact line begin.

‘Nobody will hesitate a minute’, – the president said.

‘Those who want to have fun – take gun in hand and go under the bullets of Russian military machine, the most powerful machine on the continent. You shall see how it ends’, – he said.

According to President Poroshenko the ceasefire regime works. According to him, the last two meeting of National Security and Defense Council were dedicated to what government would do if the ceasefire regime is violated.

‘In this case the martial law will be introduced immediately. All documents on establishment of headquarters of Supreme Commander-in-Chief are already prepared’.

‘I, as a supreme commander, am obliged to protect the country from subversive-terrorist groups. That is why today a lot of things are being done, the ones that make elements of our defensive mechanism more effective’, – he added.

According to the president, not only ceasefire regime, but the peace plan work.



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