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Presence of Russian weapon in Ukraine acknowledged

January 21, 2015

Sergey Lavrov accidentally admits presence of Russian weapon in Ukraine

Presence of Russian weapon in Ukraine acknowledged

Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov said this during press conference in Moscow in response to questions of journalists.

By accident he admitted presence of Russian military equipment on Ukrainian territory.

According to Mr.Lavrov, in Ukraine there is no weapon except for Soviet and Russian one.

Unian correspondent Roman Tsymbaliuk asked mister Lavrov to explain presence of modern Russian weapons, including heavy military equipment, on Ukrainian territory. No one could seize these weapons anywhere except Russia because the federation does not export it.

Mr.Lavrov responded that in Ukraine had never been any weapon except for Soviet and Russian.

The journalist asked Mr.Lavrov about plan to rehabilitate the expression ‘Russian world’ which had been discredited with blood of Donbas residents.

Russian Prime Minister gave no response to this question.


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