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Preparation for hot spring in Eastern Ukraine

January 6, 2015

Summary of the week in zone of anti-terrorist operation – sides are in expectation of spring

Preparation for hot spring in Eastern Ukraine

Russians and gangs of separatists strengthen the rear in occupied territories of Donbas, eliminate disloyal fighters and create occupation strongholds.

During the last week situation in the ATO zone did not change drastically – Russian troops and terrorists continues shelling of positions of Ukrainian Armed Forces and civilian areas. Terror of Russians and fighters against civilians is gaining momentum.

‘Officers of Federal Security Service’ have started with elimination of unwanted performers of ‘Russian spring’, and now they have passed to disloyal civilians who dwell in the occupied territories’, – the source of LigaBusinessInform in anti-terrorists operation headquarters said.

We remind than recently conflict between armed gangs of self-proclaimed Luhansk People’s Republic ended with murder of 6 fighters.

Meanwhile servicemen on the front say that usage of regular units of Russian army in armed clashes has dropped significantly. Main combat units of Russian army have been withdrawn to the rear of occupied territories. Special groups and experts from Russian federation work on the front, they coordinate gangs of local fighters. All sides of the conflict are expecting spring

 Situation in zone of anti-terrorist operation over the last week

Despite holidays, Armed Forces of Ukraine continue strengthening of their positions along the demarcation line.

Correspondent of LigaBusinessInform traveled along the line on the eve of New Year and immediately after it and visited all forefront positions of Ukrainian militants. Although the army is strengthening and soldiers do not sit idle, they have identical intention – to free Ukrainian land from invaders and do not stand still.

In course of the last week the rear have prepared and handed over hundred units of weapons for army. Sources in government speak of receiving real help from western allies of Ukraine.

‘It is mostly about systems for detection and suppression of enemy’s artillery and mortars’, – the servicemen say.

Thanks to this equipment, Ukrainian specialists can get coordinates immediately after the launch of projectiles or missiles from the occupied territory and deliver surgical strikes in response. Currently corresponding specialists are being trained and they will take their place on the front.

In addition, within the framework of agreements on withdrawal of heavy equipment, special systems would be delivered to the front. These systems would allow attacking the aggressor that shells positions of Ukrainian forces or residential areas and is located far beyond the demarcation line.

Source: LigaBusinessInform

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