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Powerful explosion in Donetsk – video

Massive explosion shook Donetsk city

Powerful explosion in Donetsk – video

On Sunday night massive explosion sounded in Donetsk city. The shockwave passed though the whole city. The sound of explosion could be heard in the nearby towns.

According to resident of Donetsk, the houses were shaking like cardboard boxes. Every thing was trembling – walls, doors, kitchen utensils. Even water started running from the tap. The residents of Donetsk compared the explosion to an earthquake.

When the explosion sounded many people in Donetsk saw huge flash over the city.

The videos down below show the moment of explosion.

Reasons for explosion

There is still no confirmen information concerning the cause of such massive explosion.

Let us speak of 3 assumptions.

Number one – assumption made by MP, leader of the ‘Right Sector’ Dmytro Yarosh. According to him, Ukrainian artillery shelled the terrorist base. The result is: explosion of ammunition storage, damaging of 20 multiple rocket launcher systems and about 30 units of heavy military equipment.

There are reasons to believe Yarosh – he has spent many days on the front and receives information about situation in the east right from servicemen of volunteer military units of the ‘Right Sector’.

Assumption two made by MP Borys Filatov. According to him, the terrorist base was shelled by the most powerful multiple rocket launcher systems Ukraine disposes of – ‘Smerch’. The storaged ammunition detonated due to well-aimed hit.

It should me noted that Filatov is one of few Ukrainian deputies who speak the truth about situation in the east.

The third variant comes from spokesperson of anti-terrorist operation Anatoliy Stelmah. According to him, Ukrainian artillery did not shoot the base. Another spokesperson Andriy Lysenko stated that the explosion took place at chemical plant due to violation of security rules.

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