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Possible plans of Ukraine for spring

January 6, 2015

Donetsk airport during New Year holidays

Possible plans of Ukraine for spring

Donetsk airport and village of Peski during the last week

In the conflict zone situation around Donetsk airport has been the most difficult. Despite all attempts to stop hostilities in this zone, terrorists continues shelling positions of anti-terrorist operation forces and soldiers defending the settlement of Peski.

Soldiers from Peski confirm continuation of shelling to correspondent of LigaBusinessInform.

‘For new year they have organized a ‘salute’ for us. Do not worry. Nobody was killed. However, sabotage groups come very close. Ad our hands are bound due to ‘ceasefire’. We fire only in response’, – the servicemen say.

The key issue today is to ensure secure route for delivery of reinforcement and everything necessary to the new terminal of Donetsk airport. Due to agreements of the contact group of Russian and Ukrainian generals, today rotation is going through checkpoint of terrorists. Servicemen are looking for alternative way.

The nearest operational task is to expand the corridor from Peski to the airport. Servicemen might need to clean up the area of settlement of Spartak where terrorists have strengthened their positions. This variant is not excluded.

Possible plans for the future

Interlocutors of LigaBusinessInform in anti-terrorist operation headquarters, Security Service of Ukraine and National Security and Defense Council share the same opinion: Russian side prepares offensive actions for this spring.

‘Currently Russians reinforce rear in the occupied territories – they eliminate disloyal elements and create occupation strongholds involving various air defense systems. Everything is done to fix the result in Donbas’, – Ukrainian servicemen say.

Russian servicemen continue arriving to the occupied territories under the guise of local rebels.

Meanwhile, according to president Poroshenko, the so-called ceasefire was not wasted.

‘We have completely restored combat capability of military units, because as of September 5 we had 20% of military equipment. Today we have 100%, we have something to defend ourselves’, – the president said when he was passing army aircrafts, artillery systems and armored equipment to the army recently. He mentioned increased efficiency of Ukrainian military.

Ukraine and Russian have accumulated enough weapons and soldiers along the zone of demarcation. Tens of thousands of Ukrainian servicemen are in state of combat readiness waiting for order to free Donbas. Military and political leaders of Ukraine are convinced that whatever decision Moscow adopts, Donbas will return under Ukrainian control until the end of the year. And then Crimea will follow.

Sanctions, oil prices and fall of the ruble continue weakening Moscow regime. Time still acts in Ukraine’s favor.

Source: LigaBusinessInform

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