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Possibility of large-scale attack of Russian-terrorist troops in Donbas

November 7, 2014

Opinion: possibility of large-scale attack in Donbas an price of truce for Ukraine

Possibility of large-scale attack of Russian-terrorist troops in Donbas

According to experts of Information Resistance group, currently the tactical groups of Russian-terrorist troops are almost ready for an assault. Meanwhile, Russia continues transferring its sub-units to the state border with Ukraine. It arouses the question about possibility of large-scale attack of Russian-terrorist troops or an open invasion. We have already spoken about the last question in the previous article. Let us concentrate on the first one.

What concerns preparation for assault of the enemy’s group of troops in Donbas.

Firstly, Tymchuk speaks of their composition. Experts of Information Resistance group do not agree with representatives of some Ukrainian and Western government agencies that there are only Russian instructors that train fighters. The group possesses the information which confirms that not only Russian mercenaries act in Donbas, but also sub-units of Russian regular army. Tymchuk calls on officials not to pretend that there are only local armed groups fighting against us and Russia only ‘helps’ them but not secretly invades our country. This does not correspond to reality.

Secondly, Tymchuk speaks concerning the plans for assault. It is clear that if [Russian-terrorist] strike groups are being prepared they will soon be used ‘according to their purpose’. Even more, the enemy does not believe that Ukrainian troops will soon begin an attack, otherwise terrorists would take some defense measures.

Kyiv is forced to comply with the truce, although for Ukrainian army it means constant shelling from terrorists. The number of shelling they have carried out since the announcement of truce approaches 2 500 and results in permanent expansion of their territories and more than 100 killed Ukrainian militants.

demonstration of power

Experts of Information Resistance group believe that only demonstration of power from Ukrainian side can break the plans of enemy. And if Kyiv, due to political reasons, is not ready for attack, we should at least strengthen the defense and toughly response to cases of shelling and any attacks at positions of our forces or attempts to force our troops to withdraw from occupied positions. In additions, Tymchuk says, we should strike at concentrations of manpower and military equipment of the enemy located close to positions of Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Tymchuk underlines that we have to understand at last, that the so-called peaceful agreement is a screen that Russian-terrorist troops use spread through the region using the passivity of the forces of anti-terrorist operation. If someone wants to play in ‘peace’ – he can conduct negotiations even every day. But on practice it should not prevent Ukrainian troops from acting adequately and symmetrically to the actions of the enemy. If only we are not going to meet the occupants with songs and flowers.

Source:, coordinator of Information Resistance group Dmytro [Dmitriy] Tymchuk

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