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Poroshenko wants to stop war and avoid the Third World Madness

November 11, 2014

President of Ukraine intends to stop war and wants peaceful regulation of the conflict

Poroshenko wants to stop war and avoid the Third World Madness

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko says that he wants to stop war in the country and not to let the Third World War begin.

He informed this in his Twitter and Facebook.

’96 years ago the First World War ended. I want to stop war, not to let the chance to start the third world madness, – Poroshenko wrote in twitter.

In his facebook page the head of state wrote that 4 empires had been broken as the result of WWI, about 10 000 of people perished, the same number of people were wounded.

‘Today nobody celebrates ‘Day of Victory’ in Europe – they only mention losses. In war there are really no victors or losers, in war there are only those who survive. At both sides’, – says Poroshenko.

He believes that 2 World Wars is enough for humanity to understand the benefits of peaceful competition.

‘Today we are defending territorial integrity in the East, and we will be defending our homeland and our right for independence and development’. However, the President underlines he believes in peaceful regulation and considers himself obliged to do everything possible for peaceful life in Ukraine.

Ukrainian government began anti-terrorist operation against fighters in the east of Ukraine in April. Despite the announcement of truce in September the fights in Donbas do not cease.

On November 4 Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that more than 100 Ukrainian militants had been killed since the moment the ceasefire had been announced. More than 600 servicemen were wounded.


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