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Poroshenko met with the leaders of the Customs Union in Minsk

Poroshenko called on countries of Customs Union to support his plan of peace

Poroshenko met with the leaders of the Customs Union in Minsk

Meeting in the format Ukraine – EU – Eurasian troika [triple] (Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia) took place in Minsk. Ukrainian President Poroshenko had a meeting with President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko. During the meeting, the sides discussed a wide range of issues on bilateral relations in trade and economic sphere. In particular, they discussed cross-sectoral cooperation and expansion of relations in the energy sector. Poroshenko stated that Ukraine is interested in maintaining order at the state border with Belarus and is ready to speed up the process of border demarcation.

Poroshenko also met Russian President Vladimir Putin. Presidents exchanged greetings and shook each other’s hands during the ceremony of photography held at the Palace of Independence.

It is characteristic that Poroshenko’s facial expression changed greatly when shaking hands with Putin. Before this Poroshenko was smiling to Catherine Ashton. But he stopped smiling immediately when turned to Putin.

During the meeting, Poroshenko called on the countries of Customs Union to support his peace plan concerning Donbas and offered Russia to invest in the restoration of Donbas.

Later the meeting of Russian and Ukrainian presidents took place.


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