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Poroshenko demands withdrawal of weapons from buffer zone ‘within hours’ and denies possibility to review Minsk agreements

Poroshenko demands withdrawal of weapons

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko demands Russia-backed fighters to withdraw all military equipment they have concentrated in buffer zone within hours.

He declared this during meeting with Ukrainian representatives in trilateral contact group on peaceful regulation of situation in Donbas.

The president said that on the eve of May 9 Russia-backed fighters returned equipment they had previously withdrawn from the buffer zone.

‘Explanation cannot withstand any criticism: they allegedly prepare themselves for parade, prepare teaching and military training. Agreements should be implemented and all equipment should be withdrawn within hours’, – Poroshenko underlined.

The resident also underlined that review of Minsk agreements is unacceptable and called on Russia to fully implement them. He denied any possibility of rotation, change of format or steps aside from Minsk agreements and said they are unacceptable and inadmissible.

The President mentioned that structure of sub-groups should correspond to structures of trilateral contact group. ‘Neither Ukrainian side nor international partners allow review of Minsk agreements. We strongly demand the signatories of Minsk agreements, first of all, from Russian Federation, all necessary measures for full implementation of Minsk agreements’, – the president underlined.


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