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Poroshenko called on the EU to act more decisively

President of Ukraine Poroshenko urged the European Union to act more decisively, given that the decision of European Council on the peace plan hasn’t been fulfilled


July 1, 2014

Poroshenko called on the EU to act more decisively

According to the press service of the president, he said this during a meeting with Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt.

Foreign Minister of Sweden reacted with understanding to the decision of the President to complete ceasefire mode in Donbas.

He supported the willingness of Poroshenko return to the ceasing of fire under the conditions that are reflected in the decision of European Council on June 27: bilateral ceasefire and implementation of a reliable control of the Ukrainian-Russian border monitored by OSCE, the release of all hostages without exception, and readiness to begin political negotiations on the implementation of the peace plan of the President.

Poroshenko also briefed on the work of internal reforms and received support to realize joint with EU projects for large-scale job creation in eastern Ukraine.


Source: UNIAN

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