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Poroshenko about possible escalation in summer and arrest of his money in Russia

Poroshenko about possible escalation in summer and arrest of his money in Russia

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko says he doesn’t believe his colleague and expects possible offense this summer.

He said this in his interview to BBC Ukraine.

Poroshenko believes that we have to expect for new offense this summer.

‘I think we must be ready for this’, – he said. Meanwhile the president underlined that Ukraine wouldn’t give a single chance for provocations. ‘It will be completely on their responsibility’.

President also said that he doesn’t believe his Russian colleague Putin.

When asked how is it possible to conduct negotiations with those whom he doesn’t trust the president once again underlined that liberation of Ukrainian territories should not be done by military means. ‘I have no other choice’.

He once again repeated that occupied territories would not be liberated by military means.

He added that he was pleased with assurances given by US secretary of state John Kerry after his meeting with Putin.

Poroshenko also informed that Russian authorities tried to put pressure on him by confiscating all his assets.

Poroshenko said that he tried to sell his assets, but they were immediately confiscated by Russian authorities.

When asked why he had promised to sell his business but didn’t do so he said: ‘Unfortunately, because we have war there are no buyers for the business’.

Still president said that this is not an excuse and promised to possibly give some important information about this in several weeks. When he tried to sell his business, his assets in Russia were arrested and property confiscated.

Poroshenko says that in Russia they tried to use a method of pressure, therefore ‘it is absolutely impossible’.

Source:, BBC Ukraine

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