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Imprisoned Ukrainian guy Yuriy Yatsenko cut his wrists to avoid cooperation of Russian Federal Service

Imprisoned Ukrainian guy cut his wrists to avoid cooperation of Russian Federal Service

Ukrainian citizen Yuriy Yatsenko was illegally imprisoned in Russian Federation for 368 days. Russian secret services used tortures and psychological pressures to force him cooperate against Ukraine.

The liberated student from Lviv Yuriy Yatsenko told this himself during press briefing at Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

Together with his friend Bogdan Yarychevskiy the guy was arrested in Kursk oblast in May 2014. The pretext for arrest was incorrect purpose of their stay in Russia indicated in documents.

But, instead of being expelled outside Russia for administrative offence the guy was tortured by Federal Security Service.

The guy couldn’t contact with his relatives of lawyer. So he cut his wrists and stomach to force law enforcement officers to let him contact his family.

Yuriy says he would deny any offers to cooperate against Ukraine.

‘For example, they inclined me to give interview for Russian television that I was allegedly sent by Nalyvaichenko or Yarosh’, – says the former prisoner of Russian jail.

After three month of arrest on pretext of administrative offense Russian investigators started criminal case for smuggling of explosives.

‘There appears accusation in the style of 30s based on testimonials of an unknown witness’, – says Yuriy.

During the trial this very witness clearly said he had never seen the accused guy. ‘This confirms that the case was completely falsified’.

However, the court would prolong term of his preventive detention. Later part of accusations was withdrawn. However, Ukrainian citizen Yaremenko was sentenced to 2 years in settlement colony. Later they changed term of his imprisonment for 9 months.

‘Only governmental support, international pressure and media coverage can save political prisoners’, – Yuriy says.

He mentioned that currently there are at least 10 Ukrainian political prisoners in Russian Federation. There are cases unknown to public and they should get attention, imprisoned people should get professional legal support.

Journalist of Center of Civil Liberties, volunteer of Euromaidan SOS, Maria Tomak says that Yuriy was arrested in that wave when they started making terrorists of Ukrainian citizens. They are victims of propagandist war.

The journalist mentioned that Russian law enforcement officers believe in propaganda about Maidan, Right Sector, myths about ‘banderas’. This belief results in using physical and moral tortures to show their loyalty and importance in catching saboteurs-terrorists.

Yuriy Yatsenko’s lawyer says he expects rehabilitation of his client and termination of criminal prosecution against him. The guy would seek that notes about conviction disappear from his biography. All in all, Yatsenko has got nothing to do with illegal activity and all charges should be withdrawn.

Source: Ukraine Crisis Media Center

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