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Who knows what a plan is there in sickly Putin’s head

If there is a large-scale offense, it will be done using 50 000 of Russian troops concentrated on the border.

Head of Donetsk administration Pavlo Zhebrivskiy says that fighters cannot start large-scale offense alone, they will need involvement of Russian troops.

Unian reports this with reference to BBC Ukraine.

According to head of Donetsk oblast administration, currently local terrorists, arrivals from Russia and some Russian troops located in Donbas don’t have enough forces to attack forces of Ukrainian Army.

Zhebrivskiy says that if there is a large-scale offense it will take place with direct involvement of Russian servicemen.

‘Today there is a great armada of about 50 000 Russian troops on the border with Ukraine. If there is a large-scale offense, it will be carried out with their involvement. Nobody know what plan is there is sickly head of Putin’, – Zhebrivskiy underlined.

Meanwhile the head of administration believes that Ukrainian troops will be able to and will rebuff the enemy’s attack.

Previously Zhebrivskiy supposed that fighters might attack in direction of Kostyantynivka, Maryinka and Mariupol to make a corridor to the sea.

3 civilians killed in shelling of Mariupol outskirts


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