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Places You Can Stop By on a Road Trip in Ukraine

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Ukraine is one of those charming countries that is filled with beauty, natural landscapes, history, culture, nightlife, and all sorts of activities that suit many tourists. Because of all it has to offer, it is a great place for a vacation regardless of what type of travel you enjoy and what you’re looking for in your upcoming destination. One of the most fascinating ways to enjoy Ukraine is by taking a road trip and experiencing its natural beauty first hand. Here are a few places you can stop by on a road trip to Ukraine.


You can’t go to Ukraine and not visit the capital. If you’re looking to go on a road trip through this magnificent country, then it’s time to get behind the wheel of a Chrysler Jeep Dodge and discover what the country has to offer. The first stop on your road trip should definitely be Kyiv. While many people head to Paris, Rome, or Athens for great architecture and monuments, Kyiv has enchanting buildings and incredible architecture with a lot less traffic.

Carpathian Mountains

One magnificent destination you shouldn’t miss as you drive through Ukraine is the enchanting nature of the Carpathian Mountains. The range of these mountains is rough across 100 miles making them the second-longest mountain range in Europe. Whether you drive through and witness the magnificent beauty or decide to stop and admire the mesmerizing scenery of the waterfalls, rivers, mountains, and meadows that this enchanting place holds, it’s an incredible destination that will make you fall in love with Ukraine’s beauty. Each season holds a different kind of exquisiteness allowing unique experiences such as skiing and snowboarding in the winter or just witnessing the wildflowers bloom in the summer. Regardless of the season, you’re bound to encounter an immense amount of beauty at this destination.


As you venture East of the mountains, you’ll come across the city of Chernivtsi which is known as Little Vienna due to its similarity in architecture. It once used to be a part of Romania and that has a deep influence on their art deco buildings. Don’t forget to pass by the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Chernivtsi University and get a glimpse of the technicolor tiled roof as well as the red-bricked Moorish fantasy.

Sunset in Odessa, Ukraine


Next on your road trip, you’ll come across the beautiful seaside city of Odesa. Here you’ll find that the port comes alive with its countless beachside nightclubs making it a city filled with youth, fun, and energy you’ll definitely want to experience. Being situated along the waterfront gives Odesa that relaxing, chilled vibe to it along with a whole lot of serenity, calmness, and beauty that makes it the perfect destination to recharge by day and party the night away.

Driving from city to city, you’ll get to experience different parts of Ukraine and discover the many faces this incredible country has. It will fascinate you with its architecture, nature, and numerous activities without having to encounter the crowds that come with other famous European countries.

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  1. Ana

    Thank you for this amazing blog. I’m an Ukranian born but live in South America, I’m so glad to learn more about our country through internet. <3 Thanks a lot for sharing. What about a post around the most popular and traditional desserts in UA? Best wishes!

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