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Pilots of 2 Su-25 evacuated to the safe place

July 24, 2014

The pilots of 2 Ukrainian Su-25 that were shot down yesterday evacuated to the safe place by local businessmen.

Pilots of 2 Su-25 evacuated to the safe place

This has been informed by Information Resistance group.

According to their own sources the initiative group of local businessmen of the town of Snizhne [Donetsk oblast] received information about pilots from eyewitnesses and started searching for them. The search and rescue operation was carried out on 7 cars.

The first pilot, Major who had got his leg wounded, was hidden in a house of an old woman. The second pilot was hiding in the forest.

According to the source the second pilot turned out to be a tough guy. The rescuers had to persuade him that they had come to save the pilot. The latter thought that they were terrorists and was ready to shoot up to the last cartridge.

At the moment both pilots are evacuated to the safe place.


It was informed that yesterday in the area of the village of Dmytrivka 4 Su-25 provided fire support for the sub-units of Ukrainian Armed Forces at the country border.

After successful performance of military task they were shelled with powerful anti-aircraft missiles. In spite of anti missile maneuvers and shooting of heat traps 2 planes were shot at an altitude of 5,2 thousand metres.

According to preliminary data the missiles were launched from the territory of Russian Federation. Anti-aircraft missiles possessed by terrorists don’t shoot at such height.


Source: Information Resistance Group headed by Dmytro Tymchuck

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