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Piano Extremist: everyone has got a weapon. Act!

Piano Extremist: everyone has got a weapon. Act!

Pianist never shows his face and knows how to reach people’s hearts.

Ukrainian pianist named Bogdan is better known on the web as Piano Extremist.

These holidays he went on tour in Western Ukraine to support Ukrainian servicemen. He played for wounded soldiers in Lviv hospital and gave concert in the city center for its inhabitants.

Story of Piano Extremist starts during Maidan Revolution when one evening he sat at the piano and began playing. The video of protester playing without removing his balaclava hit more than 700 000 views on you tube. The man got his nickname on you tube.

In 2014 man traveled around Ukraine and played the piano in the streets.

He says that he wants to support Ukrainian soldiers, their desire to fight and honor memory of those who died defending Ukraine.

Now Bogdan goes around ATO cities and plays for servicemen at the front. Meanwhiole he works on release of his album that would include covers of popular piano tracks and original music inspired by Maidan and Russia-Ukraine war.

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