Life in Ukraine. Live, @ first hand.

Works of Art You Can Eat from Dinara Kasko

2 in 1: a cake and architecture, a hobby and professionalism, a mom and a world-famous pastry chef. We think this is very cool! Kharkiv confectioner Dinara Kasko is well-known all over the world. She has combined her architect’s precision, an artist’s imagination and advanced 3D modelling skills in her own unique recipe for success. […]

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10 Honest Reasons to Visit Kyiv

Honest tips on what to see and where to eat in Kyiv from Honest Guide, the Prague-base video-bloggers Janek & Honza from Prague hail Kyiv as the new Berlin and a “very very unique” city in this funny and streetwise vlog. They invite you to discover for yourself the must-see gems of Kyiv, including Arsenalna […]

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Breaking the Silence: New Ukrainian Video Poetry

We invite you to enjoy the surreal ambience of the five original Ukrainian video poems. Breaking the Silence (2017)is a cycle composed of five video poems united by their meditative atmosphere and otherworldly visual imagery. The project was put into life by PicOi LIVE Production. It consolidates under its umbrella poetic works of well-known Ukrainian […]

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12 things you may not know about Ukraine

An ultimate list of surprising must-know-about-Ukraine facts from Kiron Reid Kiron Reid is a Liberal activist, writer, researcher, lecturer, and a very welcome guest in Ukraine. In his speech, full of warm humour, he offers a touchingly personal perspective on Ukraine’s extremely motley cultural and social mosaic. You will hear about the usual suspects such […]

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MH17 — What Happened?

Today four years ago, passenger flight MH17 was shot down over Ukraine, killing 298 people!

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The extraordinary beauty of the ordinary

Writer and photographer Lina Burger shares her photographic impressions of genuine Ukraine Lina has been our regular contributor since the very beginning and her posts, always full of sincere tenderness for Ukraine and its people, have enjoyed wide popularity. Apart from being an inspired writer Lina is also a talented photographer able to grasp both […]

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British Musician Reveals the Beauty of Kyiv in his Video

Calum Scott

British musician Calum Scott has filmed a video for his song “You Are The Reason” in the Ukrainian capital. “I’m happy to announce that my official video for “You Are The Reason” has already been released, and this video means a lot to me, I hope it will for you, too,” the musician wrote on […]

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Ukrainian YA Fantasy “The Watchtower” Is Travelling Around the World

The rights to the Ukrainian film “The Watchtower” have been sold to 19 countries, Kinorob film production company reported. The company specifies that the rights to “The Watchtower” were sold to China, South Korea, India, Japan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Maldives, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Russia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, France and French-speaking territories, Italy, Spain and […]

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Let Me Show You My Country. Beautiful. Independent.

see Ukraine

This amazing video will take you on a thrilling flight over the splendid landscapes and mesmerizing urban labyrinths of our home country.   1+1 TV channel in partnership with Persha Pryvatna Brovarnya are proudly presenting this incredible video confession of love for Ukraine. You will get a bird’s-eye view of the glowing colours of different […]

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Timeless Beauty of Ukrainian Traditional Clothing

  These atmospheric videos from the project “Authentic Ukraine” are a visual meditation on beauty and femininity embodied in the traditional Ukrainian costumes.   The clothing in the videos comes from different regions. All the costumes are shown in great detail so that you could enjoy the intricate patterns of the embroidery and bright red […]

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