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30 personalities and crafts from Ukraine that inspired the world

Ukraine is a land of unique crafts which cannot be found in any other part of the world. Ukrainians are talented and hardworking people. They conquered Hollywood and cosmos. They became great composers, dancers and artists. Their names are well known all over the world and their contribution to world culture and science cannot be denied.

30 personalities and crafts from Ukraine that inspired the world


However, many times we don’t guess that this genius or talented person comes from Ukraine.

This list consists of 30 personalities and crafts from Ukraine who inspired the world to change.

Let us see if you find out something new here!


Film industry

30 personalities and crafts from Ukraine that inspired the world

‘Titanic’ was made as it is due to Ukrainian’s invention.

Not many people know that astonishing scenes of James Cameron’s ‘Titanic’ were born due to an invention of Ukrainian Anatoliy Kokush.

It was his know-how that allowed getting wonderful shots from cameras, fixed on moving objects.

James Cameron fully appreciated the invention. Later the same technology was used to shoot such famous films as ‘Taxi’, ‘Fast and Furious’, ‘Troy’, ‘Harry Potter’ etc.

For his invention Ukrainian got two ‘technical Oscars’. This award is given for technical achievement in film industry.

Moreover, there are other Ukrainians who were also awarded with technical Oscars, in total there are four people.


Successful projects in IT

Ukrainian IT specialists

Jan Kum, co-founder of WhatsApp, and Max Levchyn, co-founder of PayPal, must be the men with the most successful careers.

Ukrainian IT specialists

Ukrainian IT specialists work fruitfully in Europe and US. Many of them work on international projects.

Both developers migrated from Ukraine to USA in the 90-s and started their careers.



I bet you know about the following men.

Vladimir and Vitaliy - personalities and crafts from Ukraine

Klichko brothers – Vladimir and Vitaliy – did the best job to represent Ukraine. Steel fists of these tough guys are known all over world.

Oleksandr Usyk - personalities and crafts from Ukraine

Today boxing ring has got one more Ukrainian star – Oleksandr Usyk. He already has many awards including gold medal from Olympic Games. Oleksandr is an unusual boxer, he always had chupryna and even danced hopak on the boxing ring once.

Andriy Shevchenko - personalities and crafts from Ukraine

Andriy Shevchenko is another sportsman who has done a good job to shout out for Ukraine.

He is the most famous Ukrianian football player who also played for ‘Milan’. In 2004 FIFA called Shevchenko the world’s third football player and he also was awarded with Ballon d’Or.


Hollywod actresses

Milla Jovovich is Ukrainian - personalities and crafts from Ukraine

Look attentively into blue eyes of Lilu from the ‘Fifth element’. Milla Jovovich is Ukrainian too and was born in Kyiv.

Olga Kurylenko was born in Berdyansk, Ukraine - personalities and crafts from Ukraine

Actress, beautiful girlfriend of James Bond and French model Olga Kurylenko was born in Berdyansk, Ukraine.


Vyshyvanka in high fashion

Vyshyvanka in high fashion - personalities and crafts from Ukraine

Ukrainians decorated their clothes with embroidery for ages. And today this tradition has entered fashion arena. Intricate ornaments conquer the world and hearts of famous designers. Today Ukrainian embroidery is considered stylish, bright and effective.

What else to read – curious facts about vyshyvanka.


Petrykivka painting – UNESCO heritage

Petrykivka painting – UNESCO heritage - personalities and crafts from Ukraine

Small village of Petrykivka in Dnipropetrovsk oblast of Ukraine is center of decorative painting named after the village.

Petrykivka painting – UNESCO heritage - personalities and crafts from Ukraine

Wonderful ornaments give the feeling of calmness, light and warmth. Petrykivka residents decorated their houses with intricate painting for a long time.

Petrykivka painting – UNESCO heritage - personalities and crafts from Ukraine

Today Petrykivka painting is UNESCO heritage.

This art has become a well known brand and many people want to master it.

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Ukrainian architecture

Ukrainian architecture - personalities and crafts from Ukraine

In Kievan Rus people had special attitude to churches. Ancient masters transmitted their craft from generation to generation.

Carved altars, iconostasis of the most intricate work deserved the highest appraisals.

Some of these amazing buildings have survived till our time. Today 8 wooden churches in Ukraine are under UNESCO protection.


The first submarines

chaika boat - personalities and crafts from Ukraine

Boats of Ukrainian Cossacks were called ‘Chaika’ (‘seagull’). This type of boats can’t be found anywhere else. Chaika was carved of big tree trunk, it was 18-20 metres in length, 3-3.5 metres in width, 3.5-4 metres in depth. The wooden boat also had mast and sail.

Cossacks constructed the word’s first submarines

According to some investigators, Cossacks actually managed to construct the word’s first submarines by tying two Chaika boats together. Thus they could stay under water for some time and be invisible for the enemies.


Trypillian culture

Trypillian culture - personalities and crafts from Ukraine

Typillian pitchers are the world phenomenon which discovery made Ukraine famous. This unique ceramics is a trace of extinct Trypillian culture.

Trypillian culture - personalities and crafts from Ukraine

In 4-3 millennium BC people could make such beautiful intricate ceramics.


Ukrainian cuisine

Ukrainian cuisine - personalities and crafts from Ukraine

Chiken Kiev

Such dishes as Chicken Kiev, Varenyky (curd dumplings) or borsch can be found in menus of different countries around the world.

borshch - personalities and crafts from Ukraine


Every mistress in Ukraine would tell you she has her own variant of Borsch recipe, some of them include raw pig fat or salo, another dish which is firmly associated with our country.


Era of technology

suggested creating flying machine - personalities and crafts from Ukraine

The world’s first aircraft designer who suggested creating a flying machine was Igor Sikorsky. The invention of this man is virtually no different from modern helicopters.

Segriy Korolev

The beginning of era of astronautics was laid by Segriy Korolev. The rocket created under his guidance put the first artificial satellite of our planet into the orbit.

The team of this humble genius launched spaceship with Yuriy Gagarin on board in 1961. If it were not for these achievements, TV and navigation wouldn’t exist.

Borys Grabovskiy invented electronic TV system in 1928 and called it a ‘Telephot’. The system he invented bore strong resemblance to modern schemes of image transmission.


Ukrainian doctor – Nobel Prize laureate

 Ukrainian Illya Mechnikov - personalities and crafts from Ukraine

The first Russian school of microbiologists, immunologists and pathologists was created by Ukrainian Illya Mechnikov. Laureate of Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine developed ways to cure infectious diseases, cholera, tuberculosis, typhoid and other dangerous illnesses.


Achievements in music

Trembita is the most picturesque Ukrainian instrument

Trembita is the most picturesque Ukrainian instrument. Hutsuls are the best one to handle it because not everyone can hold 4 metre long wooden pipe to produce sound from it.


This musical instrument was used by Ruslana in her single ‘Wild Dances’ with which she won Eurovision in 2004.


Christmas carol ‘Shchedryk’ is better known abroad as ‘Carol of the Bells’. Originally it was Ukrainian folk song which was inspired with new life in Mykola Lentovych’s version.

Names of Ukrainian pianists, composers and musicians boomed around the world. Usually these talented people were emigrants from Ukraine.

Hollywood composer Dmytro Tyomkin - personalities and crafts from Ukraine

Dmytro Tyomkin is a composer who wrote music for Hollywood films and won ‘Oscar’ four times.

Sophia Krushelnytska charmed the world with her voice. Such people as Enrico Caruso and Feodor Shalyapin bowed their heads to her talent.

Sophia Krushelnytska


Outstanding dancer and patriot

Serge Lifar was Ukrainian who praised dance - personalities and crafts from Ukraine

Serge Lifar was Ukrainian who praised dance. He was choreographer of the Paris Opera and founder of University of choreography. He was awarded with the title of Chevalier of France, order of Legion of Honor, ‘Oscar’ and Paris Gold medal.

Lifar would never forget about his Cossack roots. When Charles de Gaulle again offered Serge French citizenship he replied: ‘I am Ukrainian and I am proud of it’.


Great artist

The Cossacks Writing Letter to Turkish Sultan

Illya Repin, master of portrait and historical scenes paining was born in Ukraine. He began to study painting and writing icons in local churches in Eastern Ukraine. Such of his works as ‘The Cossacks Writing Letter to Turkish Sultan’ or ‘Barge Haulers on the Volga’ are well known not only among lovers of art.


Extraordinary psychologists

Leopold Ritter von Sacher-Masoch - personalities and crafts from Ukraine

Statue to Masoch at the entrance of thematic cafe in Lviv

This is strange but true that father of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud has also got something to do with Ukraine.

The fact is that his family lived in Ukraine for a long time. Mother of future psychologist lived in Odesa and his father lived in Galicia.

Then they moved to Ternopil region and later to Germany.


Another odious personality with Ukrainian roots is Leopold Ritter von Sacher-Masoch.

He is the one who should be praised by the lovers of ’50 shades of grey’. Sacher-Masoch was the first one to differentiate such thing as masochism in sexopathology and psychiatry.

The city of Lviv is the homeland of this man. He was so fascinated with unique culture of Galicia that he studied language, traditions and published collection of ‘Galicia narratives’.

Perhaps in memory of this outstanding psychologist in Lviv there has been opened a thematic Masoch-café which is open for everyone.

But we warn you that all visitors are whipped by the waiters (yes, honestly, they do it). So don’t go there if you don’t like being beaten.


The great rulers

Nastya Lisovska - Roksolana - personalities and crafts from Ukraine

Nastya Lisovska was the woman who fascinated the sultan. The whole Europe knew her by the name of Roksolana, in Ottoman Empire people called her Hyurrem. Roksolana had powerful impact at her husband, she also built grandiose mosques, schools and hospitals. European ambassadors took her opinion into consideration.

Queen of France Anne of Kiev - personalities and crafts from Ukraine

The most powerful woman of the 11th century, Queen of France Anne of  Kiev (Anna Yaroslavna) was daughter of Yaroslav the Wise, the Great Prince of Kievan Rus.

Anne gained respect and trust of many prominent personalities of her time. Man’s name of Philippe gained popularity in Europe thanks to her because she called her first child with this name. As a result not only 5 French Kings had this name but also monarchs of other countries.


This is only part of outstanding Ukrainian personalities, so we plan enlarging it in future.

What do you think of it? Are there any other people or crafts that come to your mind?


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