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Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the UN

Yuriy Sergeyev said that there is every reason to talk about Russia’s preparations to intervene in other regions of Ukraine.

” Expanding military units and their equipment says that they are prepared to intervene in the mainland of Ukraine” , – said Yu.Sergeev at UN Security Council meeting in New York .

According to him, about 16 thousand Russian troops are already on the territory of Ukraine , in particular in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. They block the military units, other important objects , seize and control military sites .

Yu.Sergeev noted that while the Armed Forces of Ukraine do not give in to provocations and refrain from any military action , although there are in full combat readiness .

He also deplored the fact that the world did not hear a clear reason for going occupation of Ukraine by Russian troops .

The diplomat said that Russia is a country – guarantor of the security of Ukraine within memorandum on Budapesht.

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